Graduating with high and highest honors

Undergraduate students graduating with high and highest honors.

The faculty annually honors students who graduated with high and highest honors.This program recognizes the best performance by Economics majors who have completed the Economics Honors Program.


  • Kristen Cui, "The Effects of Computers in the Classroom"
  • Kusha Gupta, "Peer and Ranking Effects"
  • Wendi He,  "The Effects of Tariffs on Agricultural Prices"
  • Sheila Jamshidi, "Minimum Wage Effects"
  • Joseph Melkonian, "Determinants of Remittances"
  • Mira Pranav, "Competition and Discounts"
  • Jiaman Wu, "The Schooling Effects of Recessions"
  • Jianfeng Zhuang, "The Economic Cost of Hukou"


Highest  Honors 


High Honors



High Honors 2017

  • Brian Sony Lee


Highest Honors 2014

  • Linda Plutino
  • Harry Kightlinger
  • Aileen Devlin
  • Ilyssa Weinstein

High Honors 2014

  • Richard Ash
  • Sulin Chowdhury
  • Bryan Wulzen