Brian Bauer: Account Executive

"I felt like when I graduated, I could do anything."

Portrait photo

Name: Brian Bauer

Current Position: Account executive at Travelers Insurance

Major: Economics, minor in American History

Graduation: 2012

Brian Bauer has worked in various positions at Travelers Insurance Company since graduation. He writes insurance for clients in the I-580/680 corridor of the San Francisco Bay Area, covering cities like Pleasanton, Dublin, and some of San Jose. He and his wife, a fellow UC Davis alum, welcomed their first child in 2016.

What do you do at Travelers?

“My position is like a sales executive and an underwriter in the same role. I work in the commercial accounts division in the construction department, so I write property and casualty insurance for contractors. I see if they would be a good fit for my program or if I have something to offer them to persuade them to move an account to us for insurance coverage.”

How did your education at Davis prepare you for your job?

“I work with a really diverse group of people both internally and externally. I think my time at Davis really helped me be comfortable with many types of people and others’ ideas, and learn how to communicate effectively and professionally with everybody I come into contact with.

Are there any classes or activities from Davis you found particularly helpful?

“I took an 'Intro to Business Law' class (ARE 18), which really helped because you have to understand a little bit about everything and how a business works. I [also] took David Rapson’s 'Industrial Organization' class (ECN 121A/B). We had a lot of great examples about how business is performed in different sectors given sets of market circumstances, and what would be most beneficial to them under competition. I think a lot of that is applicable to the insurance market.

“I think that the econ department does a really good job, as a holistic program, to prepare students for the job market and a broad career path. I felt like when I graduated, I could do anything. I was really happy that I was a part of that.” 

Do you have any advice for current students?

“I wish I had taken more internships earlier, because you kind of get on the fast track [to employment]. So I would say go get different internships or learn as much as you can about a given industry or an organization that you’re interested in joining.

“We see a constantly changing and fast-paced market, and I think Davis helps prepare a student for that—there’s a lot being thrown at you and you have to figure it out and you sink or swim. I think if you’re coming out of UC Davis, you’ll probably swim.”

— Noah Pflueger-Peters (B.A., English, ’17), writing intern in the College of Letters and Science