Undergraduate Research Opportunities

ECN 99/199: Individual Study and Special Study courses for undergraduates

Students completing an undergraduate research (ECN 99/199) will receive lower/upper division credit toward graduation requirements (180 unit requirement) but will not receive credit toward the Economics major. Typically 1-2 units per quarter (on rare occasion up to 4 units) are given for research credit. 

ECN 099 (Individual Study for Undergraduates): Undergraduates students who have 83 units or less completed (lower division credit). ECN 099 provides a student with the opportunity to do special projects, research, or assignments under the supervision of an economics professor. Students may earn between 1-5 units, graded on a P/NP basis. Individual study projects are developed in consultation with a faculty member.

ECN 199 (Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates): Undergraduate students who have 84 units or more completed (upper division credit). These courses involve supervised independent study and research requiring adequate background in the subject proposed for study as well as prior completion of 84 overall units. Students may earn between 1-5 units, graded on a P/NP basis. Economics 199 units may not be counted toward fulfilling the 44 upper division economic unit requirement for the major. Exception to this rule may be made if a student is taking 199 in conjunction with a university or departmentally sponsored special program (MURALS). Visit the MURALS Program website for more information. 

To Apply

If you are an undergraduate student interested in a research assistant position with a faculty member or graduate student in the Department of Economics, you will need to do the following:

  1. complete an application for Undergraduate research opportunities (Download: Research Application)
  2. Save/Scan application as a PDF
  3. Email PDF application to