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Works on immigrant families by Eriksson, Perez featured in Davis Enterprise

The Davis Enterprise ran a front-page story featuring work by UCD Economics Assistant Professor Santiago Perez on the intergenerational economic progress of immigrants to the United States, as well as work by UCD Economics Assistant Professor Katherine Eriksson on the path of cultural assimilation.

Local reporter Caleb Hampton covered the research papers:

“`One common perception among politicians and the general public is the idea that immigrants in the past were somewhat ‘better’ than immigrants today,' [Perez] said. `What this paper shows is that rates of intergenerational progress were actually quite similar in the past to what they are today.' ...This finding adds to another recent study by two of the paper’s coauthors and UC Davis economics professor Katherine Eriksson, which shows immigrants assimilate to American culture at similar rates today as they did historically."

Both Economics faculty are part of the UC Davis Migration Cluster, which will now grow into the new UC Davis Global Migration Center, led by Economics Professor Giovanni Peri.