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Wing Thye Woo retires after 35 years of service to UC Davis

Economics Professor Wing Thye Woo has retired after more than three decades of service to UC Davis and the global academic community. Woo joined UC Davis in 1985. Since then, he has published more than 110 articles, 5 books and 100 book chapters, as well as 11 edited books in the fields of international macroeconomics \, exchange rate economics, and economic growth and sustainable development.

In 2002, Woo founded the journal Asian Economic Papers, with the goal of promoting the scholarly exchange of policy ideas relevant to the these economies. It is currently in its 19th volume from MIT Press, having become a leading source of policy discussion on Asian affairs.

Wing's career has included a strong component of services as he has acted as an advisor to governments and central banks in numerous countries overseas including China, India, Malaysia, Ukraine, Mongolia and Nepal, as well as advising US policy as a special advisor to the Treasury and in providing policy workshops to the White House.

His service has also extended to numerous international consultations where he has assisted universities, think tanks, conferences, journals and development projects in the creation of new programs and in the dissemination of knowledge. In 2004 he won the Distinguished Public Service Award from UC Davis. In 2009, he was knighted by the Governor of Penang, Malaysia, as a Knight Commander of the Order of the Defender (Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri) in recognition of his academic excellence and professional leadership and service.

Woo's professional leadership and service will continue in his retirement, as he will serve as Vice President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network for UNSDSN-Asia.