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WaPo covers UCD Professor Emeritus Frank McCormick's work on shortage of kidneys for transplant

The Washington Post covered a recent article by UCD Professor Emeritus and Economist Frank McCormick joint with Philip Held and Glen Chertow of Stanford University Medical School, "The Terrible Toll of the Kidney Shortage" in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

The Post writes, "Frank McCormick calls our attention to another concern: the tens of thousands of people who are dying each year for want of a kidney."

McCormick and co-authors estimate that a total of nearly one million patients diagnosed with ESRD (kidney failure) died prematurely in just 30 years (1988-2017) due to the dire shortage of kidneys for transplant. They published the analysis as a step toward revisiting policy options to address the critical shortage and avoid preventable deaths: "Widespread agreement exists in the transplant community that the disincentives facing kidney donors should be removed. The first step in this effort is to identify what these disincentives are and estimate their magnitude."