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Various research papers by Scott Carrell have been cited recently in the media.

The New York Times Freakonomics blog September 9 features a recent paper by Scott Carrell (joint with Mark Hoestra and James West), “Does Drinking Impair College Performance?” that shows that for those of legal drinking age the consumption of alcohol leads to significant reductions in academic performance (roughly a 0.1 lower GPA) and that the effect is largest for the highest-perfoming student. The study exploits  data from the Air Force Academy, where laws against under-age drinking is strictly enforced, permitting comparison of those either side of age 21. See NY Times story. A September 13 article in the Los Angeles Times on “The ‘contagion’ of social networks” cites research by Scott Carrell that examined the spread of fitness habits in students at the Air Force Academy and found that the probability of a student being classified "unfit" tripled once half the student's social network fell out of shape. Carrell sees an opportunity in the results. "If you make that 'unfit' person more healthy," he says, "that suggests you will also increase the fitness levels of everyone else in the group." See LA Times story. Scottl’s research (with James West) on quality of teaching, published in the Journal of Political Economy, was cited in the September 14 Chronicle of Higher Education story on “Why Teaching is Not Priority No.1”. See Chronicle story Scott’s research papers can be found at research.