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UCDEcon Undergraduate Seminar Series continues with analysis of job market seasonality

UCD Economics Assistant Professor Brendan Price will give the Fall Undergraduate Seminar, "Winter Is Coming: How the Labor Market Changes From Season to Season," on Monday, November 18th from 3:30-4:30pm in SSH 2203.

Price's talk with give a new perspective on why it is harder (or easier!) to find a job at some times of year relative to others. This talk delves into the economics of the seasonal cycle in the US labor market, in particular exploring why it arises, whom it affects, and how seasonal workers adapt to periodic work interruptions.

The Economics Department hosts a speaker each quarter designed to give undergraduate students insight into new topics and research in the field and interact with faculty. These one hour talks will be designed for economics majors with an interest in the application of economics to the wider world around them. The seminar will be followed by a reception with department faculty.