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@UCDavisEcon Professor Robert Feenstra honored by AAAS

@UCDavisEcon's Professor Robert C Feenstra, C. Bryan Cameron Distinguished Chair in International Economics, was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Science for extraordinary contributions to the field of Economics.

Feenstra is known for transforming the academic field of international trade from primarily theoretical into a fully data-driven science. He recently teamed up with international colleagues to modernize the iconic Penn World Tables (formerly of University of Pennsylvania), into what is now known as the Penn World Tables at UC Davis and University of Groningen. The transformation of these tables, described in the top academic journal in the field, enables researchers in international finance and trade to make more accurate cross-country comparisons of nations’ costs of living, or gross domestic product, over time and to better analyze global growth.

He established the economics department’s Center for International Data, which collects, enhances, creates and disseminates international economic data. Feenstra has published over 100 articles on international trade, as well as 15 books, including a highly used textbook for undergraduate economics co-authored with department colleague Alan M. Taylor. He also authored what has become the quintessential textbook on international trade used by graduate programs throughout the world. He is a beloved and trusted advisor to students, many who now have academic posts at prestigious universities throughout the world, including China.

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