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@UCDavisEcon Burkhard Schipper world expert in Unawareness

@UCDavisEcon Professor Burkhard Schipper recently served as Editor for the "Special Issue on Unawareness" for the Berkeley Electronic Press Journal of Theoretical Economics.

The volume was published on the heels of a keynote speech he presented at at the 18th Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge, Beijing, presenting on "Interactive Awareness of Unawareness." Check out the video to become an expert yourself here!

Schipper helped promote the continuity of research in this area of economic theory by organizing several workshops this year, including "Contract Theory with Unawareness" and "Financial Markets with Unawareness" in April and May, respectively. In the latter, @UCDavis PhD student Keisuke Teeple also presented his work on general equilibrium with unawareness.

Together with Adam Brandenburger, NYU Stern, and Michael Ryall, Rotman Toronto, Burkhard also organized a zoom workshop in business strategy "Value-Based Strategy: New Developments" in June.