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UCD announces the launch of the Global Migration Center, a Professor Peri initiative

The University of California Davis announced the launch of the Global Migration Center, a 3 yeas interdisciplinary initiative led by Professor Giovanni Peri.

Professor Peri proposed the initiative and is enthusiastic to lead the Center. "I hope the Center will generate interesting and productive interactions and research and create opportunities for our undergraduates and graduates." says Prof. Peri

The center is part of a $4 million initiative funding 4 interdisciplinary centers at UC Davis. Besides the Global Migration Center, the university announced the Data Science Center, the Gene Therapy Center and the Perinatal Center. The four centers were selected from a pool of 64 applicants following a peer review process.



Global Migration Center. Global migration is one of the most important and pervasive societal issues of the 21st century, yet there is limited knowledge of the phenomenon in a holistic and global frame. The Global Migration Center will be a focal point for interdisciplinary and multimethodological research focused on migrants. A key asset of the center will be its multidisciplinary approach to understanding the new challenges of global migration that affect climate migrants, refugees, and vulnerable and at-risk migrants, and developing research-based action. The center will be a critical hub for the translation of research into policy advice, action and support of immigrant communities. The new center will bring together current research from existing interdisciplinary programs at UC Davis, including the Migration Research Cluster, which Peri directs, Comparative Border Studies and “Humanizando la Deportacion.”

For full UCD announcement: https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/uc-davis-invests-4-million-launch-new-research-centers