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UC Davis Team led by Ann Stevens and Marianne Page is Awarded Funding for a Poverty Research Center

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded funding for a Poverty Research Center to a UC Davis team led by PIs Ann Stevens and Marianne Page.  Fellow economists Hilary Hoynes, Gregory Clark, Scott Carrell, Giovanni Peri, Colin Cameron, Doug Miller and Peter Lindert are also contributors to the Center, along with approximately 25 additional faculty from across the campus. The grant will provide $800,000 in each of the next five years to support research on poverty and inequality, including graduate RAships and undergraduate training, seminar series and visiting scholars.  The Center will focus on understanding the causal effects of low income and safety net programs on children and families, the important roles of health and education programs in addressing poverty; children’s poverty and intergenerational mobility; and issues of poverty and immigration.