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The Levine Family Fund 2013-14 Lecture Series

Samuel Bowles

Research Professor and Director of the Behavioral Sciences Program, Santa Fe Institute

Institutions, Technology and Wealth Inequality: From Pre-history to Future

4:00—5:30 PM,  Tuesday, February 25

Andrews Conference Room (2203 SSH)


Alvin Roth

Professor of Economics, Stanford University 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics

Computer-Assisted Smart Markets: From Labor Markets to Kidney Exchange

3:00—5:00 PM, Thursday, March 6

Student Community Center Multi-Purpose Room


Paul Seabright

Director of the Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse and Professor of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics

Can Modern Biology Help Us Understand Gender Conflicts in the 21st Century Home and Workplace?

5:00—6:30 PM, Wednesday, April 9

Andrews Conference Room (2203 SSH)


Finn Kydland

Professor of Economics, UC Santa Barbara 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics

Innovation and Capital Formation in Today's Policy Environment

4:00—6:00 PM, Thursday, May 1

Student Community Center Multi-Purpose Room


Sanjay Basu

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center, co-author of  “The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills”

Creating More Effective Public Health Safety Nets During Economic Recession

4:00—5:30 PM, Tuesday, May 20

Andrews Conference room (2203 SSH)