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The Economist cites findings from research by Jenna Stearns

In an article discussing the challenges facing female faculty and students in the field of Economics, the Economist magazine cites data from analysis by UC Davis Assistant Professor of Economics Jenna Stearns, joint with Shelly Lundberg of UC Santa Barbara.

Based on data from Lundberg and Stearns in a study recently published in the prestigious Journal of Economic Perspectives, Soumaya Keynes of The Economist writes, "Granted, more women are attaining senior positions in university economics. But women make up only around 30% of phd students, and are likelier than men to drop away as they climb the career ladder. Among a group of 43 leading American universities, the female share of phd students has been essentially flat for two decades (see chart 1). That of assistant professors has fallen since 2009. Progress seems to have been a little slower than in some natural sciences, and economics remains far behind other social sciences."

Other works by Stearns on the bind families face with female laborforce participation and investments in child rearing recently have been published in the top journal The American Economic Review and covered widely in media outlets such as the New York Times, Forbes, and the Atlantic.