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Peter Lindert offers a global view on government redistribution over the last 100 years

VoxEU column charts "the rise and future of progressive redistribution" around the world

In a recent article on VoxEU, Peter Lindert provides a global look at changes in the degree to which government budgetary policies transfer resources from rich to poor.

Since World War I, fiscal transfers in most countries have served to reduce the degree of income inequality. Contrary to the common perception that fiscal policy has become less progressive since the 1970s, Lindert finds no indication of a global shift away from income redistribution. This finding points to the role of other factors—such as technological change and globalization—in driving the rise of income inequality.

The full VoxEU article can be found here: http://voxeu.org/article/rise-and-future-progressive-redistribution.

A longer working-paper version of Lindert's research is available here: http://www.commitmentoequity.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/CEQ-WP73_Lindert_RiseFutureProgressiveRedistribution_Oct17_2017.pdf.

Peter Lindert is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus within our department.