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Accolades for the Economic History group

Several of our economics history faculty were recognized at the meeting of the Economic History Association.

  1. Professor Emeritus Peter Lindert, along with Jeffrey Williamson of Harvard University, were recognized with the Robert Gallman and William Parker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Data Provision.
  2. Yuzuru Kumon, a 2019 PhD graduate from our department, won the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize for the Best PhD Dissertation in non-US or Canadian Economic History.
  3. Peter Lindert and Professor Emeritus Alan Olmstead were made members of the Society of Fellows of the Economic History Association -- its inaugural class!


Other noteworthy economic history news:

  • In July, Alan Olmstead gave the "Fellows Address" at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association meeting. The title was "Historical and Institutional Perspectives on American Agricultural Development."
  • Professor Chris Meissner completed his term as the vice-President of the Economic History Association