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Katherine Eriksson and Jenna Stearns receive ISS Junior Faculty Research Grants

Funding from the UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences will finance projects on ethnic enclaves, teacher absence

Professors Katherine Eriksson and Jenna Stearns have received two of the seven Junior Faculty Research Grants awarded this year by UC Davis's Institute for Social Sciences (ISS). These grants, which are designated for assistant professors in the Division of Social Sciences, are intended to help junior faculty launch new research projects and advance their careers.

Professor Eriksson's grant will fund her research on "The Role of Ethnic Enclaves in Immigrant Assimilation: Evidence from the Age of Mass Migration", while Professor Stearns's grant will fund her work on "Effects of Teacher Absence on Student Academic Achievement".

ISS was founded in 2014 to facilitate and incubate new research ventures throughout the social sciences.