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Jenna Stearns' research featured in the New York Times

Stearns recently joined the UC Davis Economics faculty

Research by UC Davis Economist Jenna Stearns and her co-authors was recently featured in the New York Times.  Stearns recently joined the faculty at UC Davis after completing her Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara.   Stearns' research examines the impact of employment policies, such as family leave,  on gender equity in the workplace.  The research featured in the Times studies the impact of "gender-neutral" policies at Universities on the tenure process for male and female faculty.  Most US Universities grant both male and female faculty leave for the birth of a child, however the research by Sterns and her co-authors  Heather Antecol and Kelly Bedard, found that male faculty were much more likely to experience a boost in productivity during their parental leaves.  They find that these policies, while intended to be gender neutral, increase the probability of male faculty getting tenure but significantly decrease the likelihood of female faculty getting tenure.