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Giovanni Peri's immigration research highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Economist

Giovanni Peri's research has been highlighted by the Wall Street Journal and The Economist as part of a debate over the impact of immigration on local wages. Using the Mariel boatlift as a natural experiment, he finds little to no impact of immigration on local wages while another researcher, George Borjas, uses the same data and finds that immigration depresses local wages. In the Wall Street Journal article, Peri explains why.

"[Peri] added that Dr. Borjas was too eager to draw conclusions from extremely small samples of male, non-Hispanic, high-school dropouts in Miami—amounting to fewer than two dozen people in most years of survey data. “We all know it is crazy to try to say what happened to wages in a city based only on 20 people,” Dr. Peri said. “The measurement error is such that it essentially swamps anything else.”

Link to The Economist: http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2017/06/immigration-economics

Link to the Wall Street Journal: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-great-mariel-boatlift-experiment-1497630468?mod=rss_whats_news_us