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Giovanni Peri featured on This American Life

UC Davis Economics Professor Addresses Impacts of Immigration on US Labor Markets

The work of Professor Giovanni Peri, chair of the UC Davis Economics Department, is featured in a two-part series of the radio documentary show This American Life.  The episodes, titled "Our Town" focus on the impacts of immigration on employment in the town of Albertville Alabama, and how beliefs about the experiences of Albertville have shaped the public debate over immigration policy.  Professor Peri, one of the leading experts on the economic impacts of migration, along with UC Davis Economics Graduate Student Justin Wiltshire performed an analysis of  Marshall-DeKalb counties and their work is featured on the TAL website.  Peri and Wiltshire conclude that "the very large increase in immigrants in some counties of Alabama, especially of less-educated workers in the labor market that includes Marshall and DeKalb Counties (CZ 6100), does not seem associated with a comparable depression of native wages or employment."