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Feenstra's work on Penn World Tables most highly cited in profession's top journal

UC Davis Economics Professor Robert Feenstra's article, "The Next Generation of the Penn World Table," joint with Robert Inklaar and Marcel Timmer of the University of Groningen, was the most cited article in the last 5 years from the Economics profession's top journal, the American Economic Review, according to GoogleScholar.

The famous Penn World Table data were first developed by a Robert Summers and Alan Heston at the University of Pennsylvania, then placed in the care of Feenstra, Inklaar, and Timmer. The “next generation” of the PWT now comes out of University of Groningen and UC Davis. These data are used pervasively by economists and other social science researchers to compare income and economic growth across countries. Feenstra, Inklaar, and Timmer have expanded the data for public use.

The article, is part of the UCD-Groningen team's ongoing work to maintain and continue to update these critical data, funded by multi-year grants totaling $800,000 dollars from the National Science Foundation and the Sloan Foundation. Feenstra's work on the project takes place at the UC Davis Center for International Data.