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Eriksson's research on lessons from CA earthquake history in LA Times

The Los Angeles Times used research by UC Davis Assistant Professor Katherine Eriksson in an article on lessons learned from past earthquakes that could help prepare California for the challenges of rebuilding if a large quake strikes in the future.

As Rong-Gong Lin reports, ``One study found that the 1906 [San Francisco] earthquake stunted cities closest to the worst shaking for decades; they suffered from lower annual population growth continuing at least through 1970. `People were deciding to not go to places that were hit hard,' said study coauthor Katherine Eriksson, an assistant professor of economics at UC Davis.''

Eriksson's study suggests that the 1906 quake may have opened the door for Los Angeles to grow in prominence relative to San Francisco.

Learn more about Eriksson's study of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and its impact on California cities in comprehensive summary she wrote for VoxEU.