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Eriksson's and Perez's research on automated historical data linkage featured in VOX

Professor Eriksson's and Perez's research with coauthors on the promise of automated historical data linkage has been featured by VOX.

The VOX article summarizes the conclusions of a recent paper where the authors evaluate the performance of various linking methods, suggest best practices for linking historical records, and provide user-friendly implementation codes.

"(The figure) illustrates the trade-off between matching a large fraction of records and matching the right pair of individuals. Researchers can choose to use algorithms that generate very low ‘discrepancy rates’ from these high-quality benchmark links, which we refer to here as the ‘false positive rate’ (as low as 5-10% in the context of the Union Army records). However, achieving a low false positive rate comes at a cost of accepting a relatively low (true) match rate (10-30%). Alternatively, researchers can choose algorithms with higher (true) match rates (50-60%) at a cost of higher discrepancy rates (15-30%)." 

Full VOX article: https://voxeu.org/article/promise-automated-historical-data-linkage