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Carrell wins grant to study financial aid process and choices of graduating high school seniors

UC Davis Economics Professor Scott Carrell won a seed grant from the Public Impact Research Initiative administered by the UC Davis Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement. The project, joint with Paco Martorell of the UC Davis School of Education, is titled "Investigating Financial Aid Application and Take-up Behavior of High School Seniors."

The project is the latest in a long series of work by Carrell studying factors that influence student success and access to college among under-served populations. His work sheds light on topics including developing effective mentorship groups within first-year cohorts; the incumbent bias in student evaluations of teachers; the impact of domestic violence on educational outcomes for children and their classmates, and characteristics of the California community colleges that are the most successful at helping students go on to obtain 4-year degrees.

A common theme threaded through many of his papers is the impact of various policies or conditions on diversity, equity, and inclusion in educational settings. Carrell's papers are published in some of the top journals in the field of Economics.