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Brendan Price wins 2017 Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award

Annual prize recognizes "the best PhD dissertation on employment-related issues".

Brendan Price, Assistant Professor of Economics and a Faculty Affiliate of the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research, is a co-winner of the W.E. Upjohn Institute's 2017 Dissertation Award, an "annual prize for the best PhD dissertation on employment-related issues". The award recognizes Price's MIT doctoral thesis Labor Market Adjustment to Globalization, Automation, and Institutional Reform.

Professor Price's research explores the labor market impacts of technology and trade, the consequences of being laid off, and the tools that policymakers can use to help workers and their communities recover from job loss. The principal chapter of his dissertation uses Germany's 2005 Hartz IV reform to analyze how cuts to long-term unemployment benefits impact jobless durations and wage recovery among laid-off workers.

Professor Price shares the Upjohn Award with Alexandra Roulet, a recent Harvard graduate now at INSEAD.