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Axios reports on research by @UCDavisEcon Bushnell and Rapson examining EV use

Axios featured a frontier study by @UCDavisEcon Professors James Bushnell and David Rapson of whether consumers who buy electric vehicles actually use them as a replacement for gas-powered cars. The answer may surprise you, and has important implications for the effectiveness of EV subsidies.

Along with coauthors Fiona Burlig and Catherine Wolfram, Bushnell and Rapson find that EVs are not driven nearly as much by owners as their conventional vehicles, pointing to the need for additional research on exactly what dampens consumer usage after purchase.

The findings suggest much lower emissions reductions than generally assumed in cost-benefit analyses of government EV subsidy programs. This means it will be much more costly to hit aggregate emissions reductions targets using EV subsidies than originally thought, given current consumer driving habits.