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Andres Carvajal appointed Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Mathematical Economics

UCD Associate Professor Andrés Carvajal has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Mathematical Economics. Founded by Werner Hildenbrand in 1974, the primary objective of the Journal is to provide a forum for work in economic theory which expresses economic ideas using formal mathematical reasoning. It has been edited by a long list of distinguished economists that includes Andreu Mas-Colell, Truman Bewley, and Wayne Shafer.

Within this field, Carvajal himself has made substantial contributions to the study of models of rational choice, mathematical finance, and the structure of financial markets. His current work in progress includes research on implementation of non-market solutions in environmental problems, incentives to disclose information in financial markets, and on behavioral finance. This includes joint work with UCD Professor Burkhard Schipper and with Ph.D. Candidate Hang Zhou, who is one of the fantastic UCD Economics job market candidates this year.