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2019 PhD graduates cross the finish line

Another spectacular class of PhD candidates has just graduated from the UC Davis Economics Department: Xuan Fei, Yohan Jeung, Khaled Kheiravar, Yuzuru Kumon, Matthew Naven, Siobhan O'Keefe, Andrew Padovani, Sarah Quincy, William Swanson, and Tingting Zhu.

Placement this year also continued to be strong, with graduates heading to positions in Bocconi University, California Air Resources Board, Davidson College, People's Bank of China, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, UC Davis School of Medicine, USDA, Vanderbilt University, and Washington and Lee University.

CONGRATULATIONS to our new graduates as they join the ranks of the UC Davis Econ diaspora worldwide! We look forward to seeing them at future Economics Alumni Conferences!