Second chance for TA or financial aid?

If a newly admitted graduate Economics student does not receive a TA or financial aid offer at first, is there any chance one might be available later?

New graduate students can apply for TAships in other departments on campus, such as Mathematics, Statistics, or Agricultural and Resource Economics (students need to inquire at the other departments about TA application procedures, deadlines, and other details). These positions are unlikely to be obtained as early as April 15, and waiting to inquire about them until summer or closer to the beginning of the fall quarter may be preferable. In the past, new students sometimes have been able to get hired in positions like this after arrival here. If another department requires letters of recommendation along with a TA application, students can ask the Economics Graduate Program coordinator to send the other department copies of the recommendation letters that were submitted earlier with the admission application. New nonresident students who are not offered a nonresident tuition fellowship before arrival at UC Davis are not likely to receive one later during the first year, either. But for the second or later years, nonresident tuition fellowships are offered annually to international students on a competitive basis.