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The nationally prominent doctoral program within the UC Davis Department of Economics engages the most promising students who wish to pursue advanced studies and conduct original research leading to new insights about financial structures in the global economy. The Department of Economics at UC Davis values a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences among its students. This diversity strengthens and enriches our research, scholarship, and teaching. A diverse graduate student population also enhances the academic experiences for all students.

The Graduate Program

The rigorous UC Davis Graduate Program in Economics gives students a strong foundation and a supportive collegial structure within which to produce a body of scholarly work and form the basis for careers in academics and leadership positions in industry.

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First-year students

Students begin their studies in the UC Davis Ph.D. Program in Economics with a core sequence of first year classes.

Core first-year sequence

The core first-year sequence in the Graduate Program encompasses microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, followed by three elective fields chosen from among nine topic areas: advanced economic theory; advanced macroeconomics; econometrics; economic development; economic history; industrial organization; international economics; labor economics; and public economics.

Financial aid

Some limited forms of financial aid assistance are available for first-year students. In subsequent years some students receive fellowships or work as research assistants, while the majority work as teaching assistants. At UC Davis, teaching assistants do not teach their own classes. Instead, they support faculty in teaching by holding discussion sections, staffing office hours and grading student assignments.



Prospective Students

The information on this page is geared toward students interested in applying to UC Davis Department of Economics' graduate program. The links include an overview of the department, a list of materials required for admission, fees and financial aid for domestic and international applicants, as well as frequently asked questions related to qualifications, financial considerations and applying to the Ph.D. program.
Admission Information
This page directs prospective applicants to a complete list of materials required for admission and financial aid.
Fees and Financial Aid
Fees and Financial Aid differ depending on whether you are a domestic (US) or an international student
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about the UC Davis Graduate Program in Economics.

Current Students

This information is for current students in the Economics Ph.D. program. It includes links to the Graduate Handbook, Graduate Studies homepage, a sampling of our graduate job placements, descriptions of awards, job openings, past preliminary exams, and criteria used for departmental aid ranking for teaching assistants, work study and nonresident tuition fellowships.

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Newly Admitted Students

Information for students newly admitted to the Economics Ph.D. program.

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Graduate Student Placements

What can I do with a Graduate Degree in Economics? Our graduates have earned advisory and leadership roles in a fascinating array of agencies and organizations, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the California Energy Commission, the Bank of Korea, Barclay's Bank, Amazon.com, the Public Policy Institute of California, Banco de Mexico, the Korea Energy Institute, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Federal Trade Commission, the California Department of Finance, and the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for Economic Studies.

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