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Martin Dufwenberg (University of Arizona)
“Lies, Peers & Honest Submissions”
Salvatore Di Falco (UC Davis)
Oleg Itskhoki (Princeton University)
"Granular Comparative Advantage"
Jeffrey Butler (UC Merced)
“Inequality as an Incentive”
Dan Putman (UC Davis)
Alain Naef (UC Berkeley)
"Blowing against the Wind? A Narrative Approach to Central Bank Foreign Exchange Intervention".
Jeremy West (UC Santa Cruz)
"Should home sellers be required to audit and disclose residential energy efficiency?"
Monica Morlacco (USC)
“Market Power in Input Markets: Theory and Evidence from French Manufacturing”
Thomas Dee (Stanford University)
"My Brother's Keeper? The Effects of Targeted Educational Supports"
Erik Kimbrough (Chapman University)
"A Theory of Injunctive Norms"
Elinor Benami (UC Davis)
Kirill Borusyak (University College London)
"The Distributional Effects of Trade: Theory and Evidence from the United States"
Albert 'Pete' Kyle (University of Maryland)
Karim Abadir (Imperial College London)
Kym Pram (University of Nevada, Reno)
"Learning and Evidence in Principal-Agent Environments."
Andrew Hobbs (UC Davis)
Ivan Rudik (Cornell University)
Pablo Ottonello (University of Michigan and NYU)
"Financial Heterogeneity and the Investment Channel of Monetary Policy"
Na'ama Shenhav (Dartmouth College)
"Long Run Effects of a Temporary Leave Post-Birth: Evidence from the 90's EITC Expansion"
Elena Manresa (NYU)
Andrea Wilson (Georgetown University)
Ariell Zimran (Vanderbilt U)
Oscar Barriga (UC Davis)
Judd Boomhower (UCSD)
Gordon Hanson (UC San Diego)
Douglas Miller (Cornell University)
Michael Jansson (Berkeley)
Daniel Barron (Northwestern University)
Andrea Matranga (Chapman U)
Shaun McRae (ITAM)