First-year experience

The Department of Economics advises students to begin their lower division coursework within the major.

The Department of Economics encourages students to begin their mathematics series, foreign language and English requirement as soon as possible. For students who are considering graduate study in Economics, Math 21A, 21B, 21C and 22A are strongly recommended. Students could begin either Economics 1A or 1B the following quarters. 

Make sure to complete your calculus placement exam before enrolling.

It is recommended that you pursue general education courses concurrently with lower division prerequisite work for the major.

To assist you with academic planning, here are some sample 4-year plans:
Sample 4-year plan
Sample 4-year plan requiring linguistics

Students often have difficulty getting into one or more courses they want during their freshman and sophomore years, and should be flexible in making choices. We encourage you to review the course catalog for classes outside of the major that may be of interest to you. Remember, these courses will minimally count toward units needed for graduation.