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Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources in society and the problems involving the use and distribution of those resources. Thus, broadly defined, economics is concerned with: the ways in which prices, wages and profits are determined; the ways in which production and distribution change over time; and the ways in which government affects the economy by monetary, fiscal and other policies. We invite you to visit these additional resources to learn more about the Economics major and campus life.

Major in Economics

The study of economics yields valuable insights for analyzing many of the major issues facing society today.

Your Time at UC Davis

To track your progress with the degree, select the student status that most applies to you.


Staff advisors are available weekdays to assist students individually with academic planning, petition review, course selection, career pathway development and other matters related to the major.


The Department of Economics assists students in finding internship opportunities.


Tutoring services are available at no charge to students majoring in Economics.

Honors and Awards

The Department of Economics has established several award programs to recognize students for outstanding academic achievement.

Featured Alumni